Team Chelsea takes home the

Chelsea held a 2-0 lead for the first 45 minutes.
(1st half + 15 min. into 2nd half)

Real Madrid fought back and tied the game.
In sudden death OVERTIME, Chelsea scored the winning goal.

Here is how the final play developed:
Declan took the corner kick and passed it to Savi.
Savi passed it to Josh.
Josh settled the ball and beat two defenders.
Josh laid it up to Gavin who “one-timed” a hard shot.
Goalkeeper deflected the ball and Gavin followed the rebound into the net.


Updated TRC standings => Click Here



  • November 18-20:  Fallston Cup (All-Star teams)

I appreciate all those who volunteered to bring Orange slices and Gatorade to games (Click Here).  Special Thanks to Christine Roche (Team Mom) for setting up this convenient tool and communicating so effectively throughout the season to the team!!!



Top 3 Goals

What are our team TOP two goals this season?

  1. Have Fun
  2. Try your Best
  3. Sportsmanship

My father always stressed there are 3 VERY valuable lessons in life:  Show Up, On Time and Be Ready to Play.  Thus, there is more to just “suit up and show up”.  You have to be loose, and mentally prepared.  I am a firm believer, any sport is much more exciting when you achieve success.  soccer-awardWhether it’s individual improvement or better yet, TEAM victories.  Thus, keeping the kids attention is difficult so I try to constantly keep mixing things up.  As I continue to get to know our player & team strengths and weaknesses, I encourage everyone to let me know specific areas you would like me to focus on with your son?  For example, I had a player pull me aside during the last game and say, “coach, can you show me again how to properly pass and shoot?”.  Obviously, we have a wide range of talent, and I have a general idea who needs to work on certain skills.  But it doesn’t hurt to speak to me after practice and games if you have any questions.  I have a lot more time to give you my undivided attention.

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