TRC Box Scores

chelsea_footballThe league has asked that we limit “warm-ups” before games to 30 minutes.  However, some of the players have approached me and requested extra instruction on fundamental skills.  I realize we have limited time and space and it puts me in a awkward situation because I want to help your “superstars” get better.  Time flies and I believe the boys NEED to loosen up and stretch otherwise risk injury. Don’t forget plenty of water and bathroom break before the start of the game.

Next practice, Tuesday August 30 @ 5:30 PM Rodgers Forge North Field (Field closest to Stevenson Lane).  It is critical that the “athletic triangle”, composed of Coach, parent and athlete, functions in at atmosphere of open communication (Read more).


Coach Esad observed during the game today that we need to work on “step over” when changing direction with the soccer ball.  See FIFA 16 Skills & Tricks below:

Ball control is the foundation for all aspects of the game and a source of motivation for young players because it feels good to be at ease with the ball.  The ability to control the ball is the key to many other skills, and juggling is also a very good way to practice ball control, getting familiar with the ball and gaining confidence. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to master a technical skill, but it does become harder as the game conditions change.

Therefore, a player can only master the technique of controlling the ball if he coordinates the various parts of his/ her body. Furthermore, the learning aspect depends on the number of repetitions, whereas there are various combinations available in terms of the method to be used.  As a young player develops, his/her technical skills will set the foundations for good development and enable him/her to experience all of the joy that football can bring.  Read more

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