1. Stretch/Warm-up
  2. Juggling soccer ball
  3. Dribble, Passing and Shooting Drills
  4. 8 vs. 2 and building up to 6v3 Possession Drill
  5. U10 Practice Activities / U12 Practice Activities


Trial & Error

We saw lots of talent and a great group of players & parents.  As I said earlier, it’s an honor to be your head coach and I look forward to making sure to give the boys a fun experience and will try my best.  All I ask is the same courtesy.  We accomplished a lot.  Thanks to my wife, she helped organize all the uniform sizes and made it very easy to hand out. It was nice to meet most of the parents & players for the first time and I thought our 1st practice went well, concentrating on dribbling (ball control, passing and game scrimmage).

Shooting Rotation Drill  |  Give and Go




BTW, in case you were wondering, the reason we started @ 9:30 AM is because much earlier (7:30 AM) I competed in the Dreaded Druid 10K.  Read more  and Facebook page


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