Dear Players & Parents,
My name is Coach Brooks and want to WELCOME you to our team – Towson Recreation Council (TRC) U12 Boys In-house soccer program this season – Fall 2016. Our team name is Chelsea.

Coaching Staff

  • Head coach: Brooks Shumate
    • Email:
    • Phone: 410-458-6600
    • My experience as a soccer coach includes TowsonTowne and Overlea Rec programs for over 5 years.  I also competed on Boys Latin and John Carroll Varsity soccer teams back in high school.  My top goals are to have fun and teach the kids the game of soccer (football).  I plan to achieve this by reinforcing drills and offering plenty of positive support.
  • Assistant coach: Esad Jareb.  His son’s name is Tristan.
  • Assistant coach: Chelsea my 12 year old daughter.  This is her 7th year playing competitive soccer, currently @ Roland Park Country School middle school and also participates on TowsonTowne travel team.  I encourage parents to help as much as possible–Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Team Mom: Christine Roche has volunteered to help with communication (e.g. weather cancellations) and organizing refreshments & snacks.  Click here to see Signup Genius


(preferred forms are as follows in order of priority)

  1. In-person AFTER practice and/or games
  2. Personal website =>
  3. Email =>
  4. Call me directly on cell phone @ 410-458-6600
  5. SMS Text message
  6. TRC website =>


  • Please remember to ALWAYS bring water bottle to ALL practices and games.
  • Everyone needs shin guards and soccer cleats.
  • When you get a chance, please read attached Rules and Code of Conduct. See also modifications to rules below.
  • If you would like me to ADD work email address and/or another email to the distribution list, please let me know.
  • Please don’t hesitate to reply with any questions and/or comments

2016 Changes in Playing Rules

A couple of things to point out as it relates to changes in the laws of the game this year, with the most important change involving heading the ball in practice and games.

  1. U12 will play 8v8 including goalkeeper even though US Youth Soccer recommends 9v9. This is due to a shortfall in registrations.
  2. Duration of each match will be the following:
    a) U7/8: 4, 12 minute quarters, with a 2 minute break between quarters and a 5 minute half time. No time-outs.
    b) U12: 30 minute halves, 5 minute halftime. No time-outs.
    c) U15: 35 minute halves, 5 minute halftime. No time-outs.
    d) Clinic: 4, 7 minute quarters with a two minute halftime.
  3. Start and Restart of Play: the ball is in play the moment it moves. The ball is no longer required to move forward during kick-off.
  4. Offsides will be called in U8 and above
  5. Headers: Headers are NOT permitted during practice or games in Clinic through U12. Indirect free kicks are awarded in the event of an infraction.

Game Schedule

Game Schedule

Field Locations


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